Gnational Anthem Daily Create TDC569

DS106 Video yourself singing a verse of your national anthem as fast as you can.

I was informed by reliable sources, reliably, in a reliable manner, that our English National Anthem was indeed a mediaeval tune originally played on lutes and sackbuts. After an in depth and precise programme of research I can confirm that my reliable source was unreliable, and the anthem was originally indeed based on an old English knees-up.

I can also confirm when looking up sackbut on the internet, one has to be exceeding careful.

I therefore decided to take our dear anthem back to its roots and to explore its heritage. I think you will agree that the counterpunctual electro-plated harmonies in the rhythmic sections really bring out the nuances of the tune.

This recording features:

Banjo ukelele (not any old common old uke)
B flat melody spoons
The old Joanna