Stan’s Shimmy in Honour of Newport Jazz

DS106 Not-really-an-assignment

Those clever folks at DS106 are putting sounds to their animated gifs now. And aside from that  I can hardly believe that one year ago today I was at the Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island. An absolute dream and mind blowing experience, and endless list of great jazz names.

In celebration!

In celebration of the fact, and also to celebrate one of the most fantastic saxophone players of all time – Stan Getz – here is Stan in a delicious cardigan doing a delicious shimmy at the start of “The Dolphin”.

[Method – video was extracted into MPEG Streamclip and trimmed. PNG Images put into Flash. Groovy music by Barry Manilow trimmed in Garageband and imported into Flash. OK. OK. I know that I can’t really put animated gifs to music, but maybe one day).



Newport Jazz Festival 2012

 Dr John, Newport Jazz 2012. Photo by me!

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