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Resilience. Do you want to talk about it? Yes they did!

My blog last week on emotional resilience sparked a healthy debate via Twitter, email and through the comments on the blog. Clearly many people are thinking about this problem that is endemic within higher education, and what we need to do to approach it. Of course, we’re not even touching on the experiences of those facing stress in other sectors – teaching and healthcare. I’m very much interested in the organisation as a being at the moment.

Subsequent articles

  • 29th March The HEA published a report on ‘fellowships and student engagement’, unpicking the impact on fellowships and teaching which is a nice read. However, a line is included that students are more able to contact and interact with staff “outside of formal class hours/work on activities other than coursework”. This casual comment worried me as it massages the expectation that staff are always available.
  • 30th March Dave Cormier wrote about the resilience that students need to demonstrate to become successful learners. This seems a combination of emotional and academic resilience, and what we might thinking of in the UK more in terms of transitions? This reminds me of Helen Beetham’s work on digital wellbeing.
  • 31st March Times Higher Education article suggesting stress is not always a bad thing. There is no mention of institutional responsibility or support.
  • 2nd April Frances Bell discussed the idea of institutional fragility and links to some further excellent writing on resilience and well being.
  • Article on White Fragility

Keep sharing folks.