TDC639 Combining two patterns

A quick daily create to combine two patterns into one photo. Well, neither a dog and a corn field are particularly patterns but I suspect it is what Spike might have been thinking a the time.

I was just putting him in the car to go and live with a friend because I’m renting and can’t have him. He is about 300 miles away as I write. He jumped onto the sofa and looked just how I felt.

Spike Cheesed Off


I hope he doesn’t miss me as half as much as I miss him.
I like to think that dogs dream and can imagine themselves out in the fields.
He now knows the sound of my car and when I pull up to see him he runs to the door.
Its been so long since I’ve seen him I start to think I’ll never see him again.


[Method: simply two images were combined in Fireworks. The field of corn was given more contrast. Spike was placed over the top at about 50% transparency. Spaniel dreams].


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