4 thoughts on “Open. But not for criticism?

  1. This is very interesting Viv. I wish I could have attended the presentation. If I’ve understood, you are questioning why there is so little research showing the impact of using OER on learning outcomes? But … is there even research showing that people learn from educational resources, in a broader sense?

    • I meant to add, it seems like it is actually the research evaluating impact of open textbooks that is showing strong evidence of benefits – I guess because it is actually much clearer what you are comparing. S

  2. Hi Leo – yes, this was a very specific research question looking for empirical evidence of impact on student learning as a result of OER. But you are right, there are broader things considered particularly around perceptions of impact. 🙂

  3. Hi Leo – actually the textbook evidence is a bit patchy – but I admire the honesty of publishing where stuff hasn’t worked. Overall I think it balances toward success in terms of student learning outcomes / not dropping out etc. Yes I think it is easier to define clearer controlled experiments, and the work that John Hilton III and co have done is fantastic.

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