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Andy’s Research Project

Biomedical Science Final Year Project

I’m really lucky this year to be working with Andy Nguyen who is a final year biomedical scientist and also international student from Vietnam. Andy was interested in looking at student use of multimedia resources in science education, as he’d observed how many of his fellow student use YouTube to assist with their learning. Well – here is Andy’s project and he is looking for volunteers!


Please follow these steps carefully. You will be invited to complete a short ‘pre-test’, study for 10 minutes using a resource provided, and then complete a ‘post-test’. Please complete the tests as fairly as you can, without referring to notes (i.e. an ‘unseen’ test). Do spend as much time as you wish looking at the learning materials, but for consistency, do not take notes so that we are just testing your recall.

Please complete the post-test, without referring back to the materials!


1) Please complete this pre-test quiz
(you may need to copy and paste it into a new browser window if it doesn’t open from here 🙂 )


2) Choose your group!

What we need to do now is randomise you to one of two groups, and we are relying on your honesty! We need you to look at some learning material on asthma, both of which will take you ten minutes to either watch or read through.

Go and find a coin! Toss the coin!

If you have thrown HEADS then please go to GROUP A. For GROUP A CLICK HERE.

If you have thrown TAILS then please go to GROUP B. For GROUP B CLICK HERE.


3) Please complete this post-test quiz (you will also find the link on the Group A or B pages).
(You may need to copy and paste it into a new browser window if it doesn’t open from here 🙂 )

Thank you so much for participating in this research. Do come back to this blog to read about the results of the research.

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Hi i’ve tried clicking on the link but I am getting the error message below. Not sure if it’s just me or not.
Outlook Web Access could not find a mailbox for CAMPUS\tc2-c*********. If the problem continues, contact technical support for your organization and tell them the following: The mailbox may be stored on a Microsoft Exchange 2000 or Microsoft Exchange 2003 server, or the Active Directory user account was created recently and has not yet replicated to the Active Directory site where this Client Access server is hosted.

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