Barkology. The origins.

From Bachology to Barkology. 

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Barking Certificate by Christina Hendricks.

I loved Christina’s Daily Create today because it referred to the Institute of Barkology. It is a little known fact that the institute was derived in the 1600’s from the word Bachology, pertaining to the ancient and thankfully almost forgotten work of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750).

It is a little known fact that in his early manifestations of human creativity, JS Bach was in fact the originator of the Daily Create. Bach was compelled to “Artwork Machen” and composed one Invention per day to pacify his spontaneous creativity through challenges he published every day, always punctual with his two- and three-part contrapuntal musical offerings whilst working in his dark attic lodgings in the city of Hundsville, Germany. Of course, he was always careful not to complete his Daily “Erstellen Ger Flumpf” until he had finished his paid work of the day.

How did the institute get its name?

The interdependent polyphonies and independence of rhythms to maintain a hypercongublastic predominant textural element have sometimes been likened to the sound of a dog howling. Hence, the name Barkology was later derived in reflection of the polytonality of the internal structures and the pain experienced by both the student and the listener of the gregariously constrained counterpoint, not florid, and usually without anyone giving a phrygian mode.

Newly discovered artwork. Dammit.

Unfortunately in 1703 the original institute burnt down, and below is the only surviving portrait of JS Bach during his “Täglich Erstellen” phase.