DS106 Dancing Jim Assignment

Dancing Jim All Over the World Assignment

Like the elusive Pimpernell, dancing Jim may crop up anywhere at any time thanks to J Johnston’s assignment. Due to popular demand from #byzantiumbooks, there was only one thing to possibly do with the static Tabloid cover.

The only way this could be better is if Jim was dancing on the cover photo! Great job!









So here you are. [Method – template of Jim downloaded from 106, Fireworks file created and saved as an animated gif first (I keep forgetting that), and the Tabloid cover copied across 10 frames to match Jim’s grooving. Publish. Have lols].


Animated gif of Stan’s Shimmy with Sound

DS106 YEY Thanks John Johnson!

Following on from my previous post about the Newport Jazz Festival (on right now in Newport US, and I’m NOT there, and that just isn’t fair), I decided to celebrate with a delightful shimmy by Stan Getz at the start of his “The Dolphin” recording. Of course I cheated by creating a Flash animation with sound.

But now, there is a new improved version with stain removers. Thanks to the genius of John’s coding, eejots like me can now animate gifs to sound!! This way, the music only plays when you CLICK ON THE IMAGE. (Check out John’s blog for the coding).

[Method – MPEG streamclip to produce PNG files. Open files in Fireworks. Add 24 STATES to image 1 (and then copy forward and backward sequence into the empty states). Choose a frame rate for a most delicious shimmy. Select LOOP. Export Wizard for ANIMATED GIF and nearly 1 MG of loveliness].