Recommended Reading and Websites

Your individual lecturers will recommend further reading and resources during their teaching sessions, but below is a list of texts suggested to support this module. These were all found to be available in the library in 2013.

Excellent websites for students

Engage in Research (2013). Interactive guide to research dissertations. Available:

University of Surrey (2013).  FREE Study Skills Resources for Students. Available:

Ethics and Bioethics

Bioethics - and introduction for the biosciences. Ben Mepham. Oxford University  Press, 2005.

Introduction to Bioethics
. Bryant, Baggott la Velle and Searle. John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2005.


An introduction to medical statistics. Martin Bland. 3rd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000.

Basic statistics : a primer for the biomedical sciences
. Olive Jean Dunn and Virginia A. Clark. 3rd ed. New York : John Wiley, 2001.

Medical statistics : a commonsense approach
. Michael J. Campbell and David Machin. 3rd ed. Chichester : Wiley, 1999.

Practical Statistics for Medical Research
. D.G. Altman. Chapman & Hall, 1991.

Scientific Writing and Presenting

Scientific papers and presentations. Martha Davis ; illustrations by Gloria Fry Publication info: San Diego, Calif. ; London : Academic Press, 1997.

Writing and presenting scientific papers . Birgitta Malmfors, Phil Garnsworthy, Michael Grossman. 2nd ed. Nottingham: Nottingham University Press, 2004.

Making sense - a student’s guide to research and writing
. Margot Northey and Brian Timney. Oxford University Press, 2005, 3rd ed.

A student handbook for writing in biology
. Karin Knisely. 2nd Edition. Sinauer Associates / WH Freeman, 2004.

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