With nearly three years worth of blogging, there is a lot of info on this site. You can search by date, type a keyword into the search tab, or just browse to find stuff. This page summarises some of the content relating to student and academic professional development.

Academic professional development

Article about ‘designing out plagiarism’, types of plagiarism and why students do it. Article contains links to previous research and talks. –>

Impressive range of study skills open educational resources for students compiled by Vivien Sieber at the University of Surrey. –>

Enhancing bioscience projects and practicals. Largely from HEA Centre for Bioscience resources. –>

Academic survival

In the current day climate of having to work long hours and under high pressure, I presented my thoughts in these two articles. They received over 2000 views in March / April 2016, and the conversation still continues on social media.

Research methodologies

Introduction to systematic review. I use these resources with Undergraduate Project Students, MSc and Professional Doctorate dissertation students.

Basic research methods including critical appraisal and writing development. These resources are used with MSc students and are particularly drawn together to support international students in developing their writing skills. –>

Introducing ethics to undergraduate students. –>

Desk top research skills. Vital skills for getting started with how to search for literature, including constructing a search strategy and basic level Boolean terminology. –>

More on desk top searching. I still  think we don’t teach students enough about these basic skills. –>

April – the trouble with research. –>

Feb – the trouble with research. –>

MCQ heaven. Notoriously difficult and not a very inclusive form of assessment, this rather mammoth guide is used in staff development and is about writing effective multiple choice assessments. –>

Refworks for citations. Video on using Refworks. –>

Conference reflections

Feb 2016. Hewlett Foundation Annual Open Education Conference, New Orleans. — >

Jan 2016. MELSIG event at Nottingham Trent University. –>

Nov 2015. OpenEd15 in Vancouver. –>

Sept 2015. ALT-C 2015 in Manchester. –>

Dec 2014. SRHE in Cardiff. –>

Nov 2014. OpenEd14 in Washington. –>

April 2014. OER14 in Newcastle and Association of NTF Conference. –>

Nov 2013. OpenEd13 in Utah. –>

NSS National student survey

NSS and the problems associated with it. –>

Cyclical nature of NSS data. What does it mean? Are we just getting better at surveys? –>


Digital literacies and open education


Open education sustainability.

Open education practice. –>

The ethics of open.



Animated GIFs – safely

How to flash safely?