#tdc1460 #ds106 welcomes #melsigntu

Howdy to everyone attending the MELSIG event at Nottingham Trent University on Friday 8th January 2016. You’ve hit us plain in the middle of the #DS106 Western season and you can giddy-up and find out more if ya’ll on Twitter on #western106.

Since we didn’t have cowboys and injuns in Nottingham, but we do have our own famous outlaw Robin of the Hood, them good old 106 chaps thought it fun to celebrate Mr Hood today with one of them there daily creates. ‘The daily create’ has run every day for a number of years and today is number 1460, as you can find by using the Twitter hashtag #tdc1460.

Anyhow, here is my effort with one of them there animated GIFs. I made this one in Fireworks. The photograph is from By David Telford from London, UK (robin hood  Uploaded by Snowmanradio) CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons. 

#tdc1460 Robin Hood as a UK Cowboy? Make Folk Art! Go to this here page and jus follow the instructions. Don’t forget to tag your stuff #tdc1460 otherwise you’ll be as stook as a varmint up a drainpipe.

Robin Hood GIF

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