Inspired by Lemn Sissay – “Hope for Open”

I have been totally inspired by the work of Lemn Sissay today, and his vision for life and education. We need more dreams, more hopes, and more people like Lemn.


Here are my vague efforts of a poem, possibly last attempted during primary school some 30+ years ago. Sorry Lemn. I have reprinted your beautiful opening lines.
“Open the dawn in the open sky”
“Open all minds open all dreams”
“Ask. What were these closed for?”
But not really closed from the start
Education was open
Open to community
Places of meeting
Places of learning
Places of joy.
But closed by time.
By politics and inequality.
Closed by privileges.
Now for the rich.
Not for the diverse.
Men in suits.
For the sake of league tables.
To be shiny and badged.
But not for the lecturers
Their workload has doubled.
Spending less time
With students and learners.
Administrating processes
Minuiting meetings.
Gathering data
Measuring workload.
Parents and children
Would be amazed at the state of it.
Time wasting.
Not open.
Not open for learners.
Not open for joy.
Paying for privilege.
Paying for opportunity.
“I bring my past”.
“I bring my future”
We bring our hope.

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